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“Was not sure what to expect from this book but it drew me in and I got hooked! Interesting story line combined with religious fanaticism, highly unusual characters and demons make for a fascinating if somewhat violent read! Strongly recommended if you like to read something a bit different!”

“quite amazing!”

“Let me say that I devoured this book in less than 24 hours. Normally I don’t have the time to read so quickly, and even if I wanted to, some books just don’t flow that way. This one does and keeps you on the edge as well.”

“This is a great book and I strongly recommend it to all that may stumble on this diamond in the rough. 5 Stars and I can’t wait to see more from this Nashville native author in the future.”

“Captivating…got me out of a reading slump.”

“I was impressed with what seemed like a perfect ease of dialogue between the characters and felt very involved in theirs story. I look forward to more from this author…hopefully a sequel.”