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Saint Nellie available on Smashwords!

Saint Nellie is now available on Smashwords in addition to Amazon, Kobo, and B&N!

Readers everywhere are thrilled with “Saint Nellie”, as evidenced by the latest 5-star user review from Sheila J. on Amazon:

“I just couldn’t put this book down. It was haunting and scary. This book contains horror, racism, small town bigotry, fear and sadism, all packed into one good read!”

Grab your copy for 2.99 and dig into this haunting tale on your e-reader of choice today!

Saint Nellie now available on Kobo and Barnes and Noble!

“Saint Nellie” is now available on Kobo and Barnes & Noble at the following links for the ultra-low price of $2.99! Get your copy today!

Click to Buy on Kobo

Click to Buy on Barnes and Noble

Saint Nellie available for Purchase on Amazon!

After years of work “Saint Nellie”, a harrowing work of supernatural horror colliding with small town strife, is now available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle store. The novel is only available in e-book format at this time, and is currently priced at $3.99.

A very, very special thanks to all the wonderful people who contributed to the novel’s release. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Amazon link

Novel Description:

“Saint Nellie is a suspense novel that takes place in a small Southern town, where an undercurrent of chaotic violence lingers behind paranoid sneers and angry church sermons, bleeding into the lives of its residents as effortlessly as an afternoon iced tea.

Mia Taylor is a fifteen year-old spending a stifling Summer in Blackwell, Tennessee, trying her best to avoid standing out in a place where old ideas still have deep roots. However, what gnaws at the heart of Blackwell isn’t just a community struggling to escape a history of racial violence, but something equally destructive, otherworldly, and older than time immemorial. Something the residents speak of in hushed tones and with furtive glances. Tales of the town’s one-eyed “witch”, Nellie McGruder, bubble at the pit of the town’s consciousness, and rumors of the dark power wielded by the reclusive woman run rampant.

Now, tasked with reaching out to Nellie McGruder, Mia and her mother are forced to look deeply into the soul of Blackwell, and what they find will utterly terrify them.”

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