The reviews from professionals reading Saint Nellie are trickling in, and these reviewers are hyped about the old one-eyed witch!

Jennifer Hass at (full text) says:

“I think the best way is to say right away that “Saint Nellie” is a horror filled dark novel – so horrible and disgusting it is downright spectacular. I haven’t read a horror novel this great in a very long time…maybe not ever… ”

“Saint Nellie is not only crude and full of racial violence but its portrayal is so “on point,” right down to the nastiest of Southern Baptists churches that people wouldn’t dare to admit exists in this world. Add a little black magic, a sweet mixed southern girl, her mother, and a witch and you’ve got one hell of a ride. I read until I was done. I could not put it down and I couldn’t even sleep that night. Saint Nellie is on point. This is what I call horror – 5 stars!”

Monica Davis, a prominent literary blogger writes:

“The one thing that let me down was the ending. Not because it wasn’t a good one but because I was hoping the story would continue and keep continuing…┬áThis seems to be this authors first published work and I will say right here and now that I will read anything that he releases in the future.”

Grab a copy of Saint Nellie today and see what all the fuss is about.